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Take a look at these shops. They have great multiples related stuff too!

Twincerely Yours - Owned by a fellow twin mom, you will find a tons of great designs for twins, triplets and quads too here! Hollies Hobbies - Another twin mom is the owner of this store, she offers a number of cute designs for twins, triplets and quads.
HoneyBee Baby - Owned by a good friend of mine and a fellow twin mom, you will find adorable cloth diapering, homeschooling, sewing and knitting designs at her shop. Smartteepants - They have a number of cute twin designs, including an adorable "I love my wombmate" design.
TwoataTime - Parents of boy/girl twins founded this store, they offers a bunch of cute designs for twins. Lollicakes - This shop offers some truly adorable big brother of twins and big sister of twins designs. They also have some expecting twins items.
IVF Baby - This shop offers a number of twins designs for kids and moms. They also have some cute IVF baby designs. Such is Life - You will find several cute twins designs at this shop.
The Toy Story Junkie - This shop offers quite a few cute designs for twins and triplets March of Dimes - They offer some cute NICU graduate and NICU graduate relatives items.
Whoa Babies! Funny baby clothes! - They offer a number of adorable twin and triplet designs. got twins? Shop - They have several twins related stores with cute designs.

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Twins Twin Mom Triplet Mom Twins Gifts Expecting Twins
Triplets Twin Dad Triplet Dad Triplets Gifts Expecting Triplets
Quadruplets Twin Grandmother Triplet Grandmother 1 of 2 Twin Nanny
Multiples Twin Grandfather Triplet Grandfather 1 of 3 Twin Babysitter
got twins? Twin Sister Triplet Sister 1 of 4 Twin Nana
got triplets? Twin Brother Triplet Brother Good Twin Twin Papa
got quads? Twin Aunt Triplet Aunt Bad Twin Twin Grammy
Double Trouble Twin Uncle Triplet Uncle Mother of Multiples Twin Granny
Double Blessing Twin Cousin Triplet Cousin Twin Friend I Love Twins