About Us

Scrappin’ Twins is a small home based business.  It was founded in February of 2003 by Cindy Minear.  Cindy started the company after finding a lack of quality scrapbooking supplies available for twins. She has been an avid scrapbooker for over six years; after having identical twin boys she wanted to find cute twins related stickers and paper for their scrapbook. After having a hard time finding any, and being unsatisfied with what was available, she decided to start her own line of twins and multiples related scrapbooking supplies. After being asked time and again if any of her designs were available on t-shirts, In 2005, Cindy expanded her product line to include apparel, bags, mugs, ornaments and cards. Due to the decline in the paper scrapbooking industry, we have discontinued our paper scrapbooking products. We still offer a wide range of products with our twins and triplets designs.

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