I’m a Twin Mom What’s Your Superpower Journal


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Journal Especially for Twin Moms!

This journal was designed by a twin mom for twin moms. Track everything for your twins on one page! Unlike other twin baby logs, this journal allows you to track both babies on the same page. Twin moms are busy enough as it is without having to duplicate information on two pages to keep track of the twins feedings, diaper changes, naps, medicine, and activities.

This log is sized at 5.25 x 8 inches and will fit perfectly in your diaper bag so you can bring it along with you. Leave it with your twins babysitter, caregiver, daycare provider, or nanny so they can fill it in each day.

Each page contains lined paper split down the middle to allow you to record information for each twin on one page. Use it to track:

  • Time of feeding and amount of time baby nursed or how many ounces of formula for each baby
  • Time of each diaper change and whether it was a wet or dirty diaper for each baby.
  • Time medicine was given and which medicine and how much was given to each baby.
  • Time for activities to note nap time, tummy time, and any other activity you want to track for each baby.
  • Track milestones, visitors, doctor appointments, the weight and lengths of each baby, immunizations, babies mood, and anything else you wish to track.

This is also the perfect journal to record memories of your twins as they get older. Use it to record their first words, first steps, funny things they say and do.

This journal is the perfect Mother’s day or Christmas gift for a twin mom to document their life raising twins. It makes a great twin baby shower basket filler and would be a great present to any twin mama. You can keep track of your twins feeding schedule, track weight and length, and document all your twins firsts milestones.


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