Which Shoes Belong To Which Twin

Keeping straight which shoes belong to which twin can be a challenge for parents of girl/girl and boy/boy twins, especially if they wear the same size shoe.  You can avoid the problems all together buy getting different shoes for your twins.  This isn’t always an option and most twin parents like dressing their twins the same when they are little. 

I’m sure I’m not the only twin mom to look down and discover that one twin has on two left shoes and the other two right shoes. I was always mortified when that happened and quickly remove a shoe from each twin to fix the problem.

How many times have you been looking for the twins shoes and only been able to find three shoes?  As my twins got older and were able to take off and put on their shoes by themselves, this happened to us a lot.  Both twins would claim the shoe missing belonged to their twin. 

We’ve also had the problem where we can find all four shoes but one twin insists that the other is wearing one or both of his shoes.  The other twin would insist he didn’t have his twin’s shoe(s) and an argument between them would break out. 

We also found that having our identical twins wear the same shoes during soccer season mean the coaches couldn’t tell them apart.  After their first year in soccer, we knew we needed to do something different the next year.

Tips and Tricks

We’ve collected together some tips & tricks to help avoid these issues.

  • Buy identical shoes in different colors
  • Write their initial inside the shoe above the heel
  • Have a separate cubby or basket for each twin for their shoes
  • Get different colored shoelaces to replace the laces that came with the shoes
  • Get some shoe stickers.
  • Tie a knot in the lace before the last eyelet in one set of shoes.

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